Our Vision Statement:

To connect everyone around the world who wears eyewear for fashion or for health reasons. Striving for a more sustainable future in fast fashion by creating a forward-thinking marketplace specifically for designer, luxury eyewear. With purchases from a more developed country, contributing to building vision care centres and training people to be optometrists in less developed countries in partnership with Vision Aid Overseas Charity.


Our Mission Statement:
To make eyewear accessible to everyone around the world. Creating a seamless, forward-thinking website that is the world's first marketplace for luxury designer eyewear. Reducing waste and enabling people living in poverty to access affordable glasses and eye care in partnership with Vision Aid Overseas Charity.


Our Founder:
My name is Benjamin Estacio. I am the youngest son to a hardworking mother of three. I am British Chinese, Filipino, Spanish and Malaysian. I lived in Hong Kong in my pre-teen years but I was born and raised in West London. I love style. I value quality. I like original things. Things that you can’t find just anywhere and hold a story. I have a passion for fine eyewear, vintage or new, being a collector before a seller. The eyewear I offer is a pure representation of my taste and is for anyone who can appreciate it the same way. They may surprise you at times. They may inspire you. You may hate or you may love them. And that’s exactly what I want. Individuality and taste is what I strive for and I hope we can walk this path together.